½ inch Atomic Plus Undercut Anchor High Strength A 193, Grade B7 Steel


Anchors Powers DeWalt

Quick Overview

    General Applications and Uses :
      • Structural Connection,i.e. Beam And column anchorage.
      • Tension zone applications i.e cable trays and struts, pipe supports, fire sprinkler.
      • Seismic and wind loading.
      • Heavy
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Specifications :

Catalog NumberNominal Anchor DiameterOverall LengthRequired Undercut BitRecommended Stop BitAnchor TypeStd.Box
03104SD3/8"6 3/4"03200SD03221SDStandard20
03106SD3/8"6 3/4"*Through bolt20
03114SD1/2"8"*Through bolt15
03116SD1/2"9 3/4"03224SDStandard15
03118SD1/2"9 3/4"*Through bolt15
03124SD5/8"10 3/4"03202SD03226SDStandard10
03126SD5/8"10 3/4"*Through bolt10
03128SD5/8"12 1/4"03227SDStandard10
03130SD5/8"12 1/4"*Through bolt10
03136SD3/4"13 5/8"03203SD03229SDStandard8
03138SD3/4"13 5/8"*Through bolt8

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Anchors Powers DeWalt
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